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Sitting with the Breath

Sit in a comfortable position with a tall spine.
Begin to “notice” the breath. Your focus draws to the inhale and exhale.
Keep your awareness on feeling the breath move in and out of your body.
Anytime your mind wanders, just bring your awareness back to the breath.

It is not necessary to choose a particular pranayama form for this meditation, but you are welcome to make a specific choice and perform this technique with samavritti, dirga swasam, nadi shodhana, or any pranayama you desire.

This meditation technique could also be extended or modified into a Counting Breaths meditation. To do this practice, you would count each full cycle of breath. Start with a number (example 20) and count down with each round of breath until you get to zero. (Example: inhale 20, exhale 20, inhale 19, exhale 19, inhale 18, exhale 18, …) If you lose track of your number or you mind wanders, just go back to 20 and start again.